PIB2020 has been canceled

PIB2020 has been canceled

Hello PIB Family,


It is with great sadness that we give out this announcement, but the Panama health administration has decided to cancel all events happening in Panama due to the COVID-19 outbreak that has been plaguing the whole planet.


The RIU Hotel has told us they will allow cancelations with no penalties because of the situation. As for your registration fee, as much as we would like to reimburse the totality, there are some expenses that we already payed for, therefore we will reimburse as much as we can from it. Please be patient as we will do our best to get the most from our deposits so that we can get you most of your money back.

We are truly sorry about this situation, we hope you understand we are doing this for your health and ours as well. 
We apologize for this, and we know its last second, but it something that it gets completely out of our hands.



Toby, Rafa, Hugo, Lorenzo

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