Tandem Jump


Tandem skydiving is the type of skydiving in which a student is attached to an instructor using a harness. Its the easiest way to experience skydiving. The instructor will give the student some tips about boarding and exiting the plane, freefalling and landing, this takes about 15 minutes before the jump. Pepe’s Island Boogie Tandem Jumps are programmed from March 9 – 13, 2022.


  • We recommend not eating for 45 minutes previous to your jump
  • Drunk jumping will not be allowed
  • You will be jumping from 12,000 feet
  • The cost for tandem skydiving is $350
  • The price includes the jump and video of your jump, it does not include transportation, food or hotel accommodations

To cancel the jump:


  • You must do at least 2 week prior to the jump.
  • Upon cancelation, the $100 deposit is not refundable.
  • The registration payment will be refunded if we need to cancel the event due to the current or a new pandemic, or any other causes that are out of our reach. We will not be responsible for refunds concerning airlines or hotels.
Do not miss the extreme event of the year, are you ready to jump?